Welcome to the REFOWAS homepage - Reduce food waste: measures, evaluation frameworks and analysis tools as well as approaches for the sustainable use of food stuffs drawing in socio-ecological innovations. REFOWAS is an acronym for "Pathways to reduce food waste." We are happy that you are interested in our research project!

Current Information:

On the 14th of June 2019 an international REFOWAS Workshop will take place in Berlin.
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Join now! Survey for school boards! Follow this Link! (Deutsch (Deutschland))

  • Interview-article in "forschungsfelder" edition 3 (Nov. 2018), Link (Deutsch (Deutschland))
  • The REFOWAS project is now official extended until end of November 2019
  • REFOWAS results in "Wissenschaft erleben", see page 12/13, Link (Deutsch (Deutschland))

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