Welcome to the REFOWAS homepage - Reduce food waste: measures, evaluation frameworks and analysis tools as well as approaches for the sustainable use of food stuffs drawing in socio-ecological innovations. REFOWAS is an acronym for "Pathways to reduce food waste." We are happy that you are interested in our research project!

Current Information:

REFOWAS results presented as 'figure of the week' by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, here (Deutsch (Deutschland))

Introduction of the REFOWAS project at the Sardinia 2017 symposium, here (Bildergebnis für Flag UK)

New REFOWAS press release: effectively reducing food waste, here (Deutsch (Deutschland))

Presentation on Approaches to Reducing Food Loss in German Fruit and Vegetable Production at SustEcon Conference, here (Bildergebnis für Flag UK)

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